Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics – Flow calculations

Our expertise

G-MET Technologies proposes to perform aerodynamic or hydrodynamic calculations. These calculations are now becoming indispensable for many industrial applications.

In particular, they allow evaluating the energy consumption (dimensioning of the motorization), the manœuvrability, and the stability of vehicles (submarine for example). These calculations are also necessary to provide to the mechanical engineer’s input data for mechanical structures dimensioning. Our engineers know and master the rules of the art for CFD calculation applied to aero or hydrodynamics. We have the expertise to carry out the following types of projects:

  • Calculations of wind loadings or water loading on a given structure. Recovery of the torsor from the efforts at a point.

  • Calculation of drag, lift, and yaw coefficients for any shape.

  • Shape optimization.

  • Internal flow (elbow, flow in a vein, valve, pump …).