Multiphase flows

Our expertise

G-MET Technologies proposes to perform n-phase flows simulations with CFD tools such as OpenFOAM (or ANSYS). Multiphase flows (gas-liquid mixtures, liquid/liquid, suspensions of particles or droplets …) are a major issue in many sectors of activity (industrial processes, environment, health etc …). Multi-phases flows are very common in many device such as steam generator, oil/water separator, journal bearings, hydrodynamic predictions of ships resistance, pipes erosion etc..

              Within G-MET we use the main methodology for the treatment of multiphase flows in CFD such as :

    • VOF (volume of fluid).
    • Level Set method.
    • Euler/Euler etc.
    • Lagragian Eulerian particles.

Examples of case studies involving multiphase flows

CFD analysis of a water/oil phase separator

  • An oil/water separator is a device designed to separate oil and water from a mixture. There are many industrial applications. For example in marine industry oil/water separator are used to separate oil from oily waste water such as bilge water before the waste water is discharged into the environment. Numerical simulation of oil/water separator can help the engineer to predict operating points and optimize the design (adding baffles for example).

  •  Simulations carried out using OpenFOAM.

Cavitation prediction in journal bearings

  • The prediction of the phenomenon of cavitation in the bearings is important for several reasons: the extent of the gaseous domain influences the loading that the bearing can withstand and the implosion of the vapor bubbles contributes to generating surface damage that could jeopardize its integrity.

  • Simulations carried out using OpenFOAM.