Process Industry

Our involvement in the process industry

In a highly competitive industrial context, numerical simulation is a major improvement in terms of competitiveness.

Process optimization can be decisive: performance improvement (efficiency), minimization of material costs or even improvement of reliability.

Our skills

Our knowledge of physics and numerical tools allows us to implement numerical models (mechanical, fluid, thermal, and coupling) for various processes.

Heat exchanger, pump, pipe device, industrial equipment...

Mixing and chemical processes.

Phase change processes etc...

Examples of studies involving process industry

CFD analysis of a water/oil phase separator

  • Design optimization (collectors …), verification of operating points.

  • Triphasic calculation.

  • VOF and URANS modeling.

  • Calculations carried out using OpenFOAM.

Tank mixing process

  • Study and optimization of the design, quality, reproducibility and homogeneity of the mixture.

  • Presence of dead zones, mixing time, transport of a passive scalar.

  • Calculations carried out using OpenFOAM.

Mechanical dimensioning of a gas-gas heat exchanger

  • Coupled shell / solid modeling.

  • Thermomechanical calculation (weak coupling, recovery of temperature field as input).

  • Sizing according to specific customer standards.

  • Calculations carried out using ANSYS.